Since 1978 Wasatch Detailing Corporation has been serving their customers by providing quality Engineering Support and Structural Detailing at competitive prices.

We specialize in structural, plate, conveyor systems, piping, and miscellaneous steel detailing. We have an excellent record as a competent and reliable firm in the detailing field. We know the quality of our details will be an asset to your shop.

At present we employ 12 detailers, ranging from 8 to 41 years of experience. All are very dedicated to their job and profession. We have always been very competitive in our pricing, and will do our utmost in providing the necessary delivery on your project.

Many of us have completed technical or vocational school, and have had first hand experience in all types of steel detailing ranging from; conveyor systems, industrial and commercial buildings, all types of plate work, and miscellaneous steel.

In addition, we do all of our detailing on CAD systems, along with Pro-Steel 3D we are using AutoCAD 2016, which is capable of detailing all types of steel. This system is being improved, perfected, and expanded with each use, and is greatly enhancing the appearance and production of our jobs.

Respectfully yours,
R. Lynn Olsen

Wasatch Detailing Corp. Officers

Name Position Professional Experience
R. Lynn Olsen President

  • 40 Yrs Management
  • Project Management
  • Structural Detailing
  • Checking
  • Glade J. Larsen Vice President

  • 41 Yrs Management
  • Project Management
  • Structural Detailing
  • Checking
  • Pam Jones South Office Manager
  • 30 Yrs Structural Detailing
  • Checking
  • Project Management
  • Management
  • Lydia Leon Secretary
  • 30 Yrs Secretarial

  • Wasatch Detailing Corp. Staff:

      In addition to the above mentioned we currently employ (2) Project Managers, (3) Checkers, (7) Detailers and (3) office personnel.

    Wasatch Detailing Corporation